Sending your kids to die for ZOG

“The US will have to send their sons and daughters… and they will have to fight, because it’s NATO we’re talking about.” – Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The RUS-UKR war is a meat grinder, particularly on the UKR side. The more I learn about the last 1.5 centuries of military and political history, the more I think that is actually one of the main goals. Kill off young men, particularly healthy, creative, Christian, disciplined and honorable white men. Not the only goal, to be sure, but a significant one. “War is a racket,” said Smedley Butler long ago in the book of that title, and a very profitable one. But what can make it even more profitable is if you can kill off your domestic competition in the trenches, too.

So, all you folk in the military, or with military age (or soon to be military age) kids, be aware they will make this mess so big, and appear so dire, they’ll likely start up the draft to get your kid, even if they are smart enough to not volunteer. Certainly the talk is already starting, quietly in the corners of politics. I expect it will include the “equity” discussion of including women in the draft, too, which should be exciting. Women who are all for totally equal rights tend to suddenly get confused when it gets extended to equal responsibilities. The US military has already clarified the situation for trans-folk, and stated clearly that the selective services registration and draft requirement is for all biological males, regardless of how confused they are or what they identify as at the time. Women, cats, bi-trans-pan-demi-hoplo-tri-sexual, whatever you think you are, if a blood test says “male,” your are eligible for an all expense paid draft-card.

Military recruiting is (rightfully) sucking pond water right now, even with drastically lowering standards and significantly larger hiring bonuses and expanded foreign service-for-citizenship offers. It’s a giant waving red flag that the government is fast losing legitimacy. Straight white Christian males (long the core of the front line combat arms jobs, often as part of a family tradition of military service) are no longer signing up for service to a country that hates them and says so, appears to be run by and for foreigners who want to bully other countries and launder money while actively undercutting freedom and prosperity to push vague and dark Deep State goals and Mega-Corp profits. All the patriotic reasons to join are gone, and the “regular job” incentives are nowhere near as attractive enough to any sane person who is paying attention to world events, even before you get to the dangerous vaccine requirements an increasingly insane woke and self-serving culture.

I volunteered and served in the US military, in a combat arms MOS, back when the USSR was THE enemy. My father served. My grandfather served. Most of my uncles served. My brother-in-law recently retired from a long career in uniform. Even had a great aunt who served back in the day, WAAC.

It is a very bitter pill to swallow that the country I served is no longer the good guy, and likely hasn’t been for a lot longer than I thought. Baring major white-hat ops to clean out corruption and restore constitutional limits on power, we are nearing the end of our run as a country (the nation, a unified and relatively homogenous people, is long gone via the Hart-Celler act, circa 1965), and it’s likely the powers that be will try to kill as many of this nation’s fittest young men in a slaughter reminiscent of the World Wars worst battlefields as well as other country’s, weakening us as much as possible for invasion via mass immigration and conquest by vote-fraud and displacement. Divided people are easier to control and manipulate and gaslight, playing one group off against another, often using despised minorities and criminals as muscle in the police forces and bureaucracies.

If you are in the military, get out ASAP. If you are not in, don’t join. If drafted, refuse. If forced, be the hard out, at least until such time as constitutional limits and legitimacy is restored at all levels, which will require a lot of retirements, arrests, and harsh sentences.

[side note: press-ganging illegal alien males age 18-35, training them overseas to be riflemen, and shipping them into a heavily mined war zone might be an acceptable use for them. If they survive, they can be shipped home with a change of clothes and a couple hundred dollars. Doing that could bulk up the ground-force military with a couple million men. Don’t want only white men having privilege getting those job opportunities.]

I’m not saying it’s totally hopeless. As long as there is life, there is hope, and with God all things are possible. But the window of time for pulling out of the dive before we auger into the hillside is closing fast.

The issue of all that is wrong politically, structurally, philosophically, institutionally, and industrially with the US military system is long and complex topic, and suitable for an entire series of posts aside from this.

As Yuri Bezmenov said (paraphrased), the US cannot be conquered from without, only from within. So what you are watching is the collapse and looting of the Roman Empire, in with wi-fi and at internet speed.

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