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Monkish questions

I’m up to about 90K words on the founding of the monks of St. Possenti.  I think I’ve covered most of the bases as far as how they came into existence and how they developed some of their idiosyncratic methods and traditions. Are there any that bugged you when you were reading, and made you wonder where/when/how they came into being? If so, now’s your chance to ask, so I can make sure I’ve got a fairly complete back story. I’ve still got a few minor gaps to cover, I know, but its mostly there.

So: anything you wanted to know about them?

Char dev- Love interest 2

Another one that got side-tracked during the course of the writing. I wanted a gal that was wholesome, curvy, and, for lack of a better term, relentlessly domestic. Not exactly “emotional,” but much more an intuitive sort than a deep thinker by nature. A bit above average smart, but not a genius. Someone that was tough, but not a tough. Not exactly an innocent, but tending towards the naïve side of things. I hadn’t planned on making her a genetically engineered illegal soldier, or pairing up with someone other than Helton. Sigh. Another plan in the dust, but worked out. Continue reading Char dev- Love interest 2

Char dev- Love Interest, the first

One character that changed a lot as I wrote the story was Bipasha. I wanted a strong female character for the Hero to fall for. I figured it to be an “exotic” sort, one that was a hard-headed business person, creating tension between the somewhat idealistic and fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants Hero and a very practical business manager. Well, that didn’t quite work out as planned, either. Continue reading Char dev- Love Interest, the first

More Latin

Writing is educational. I keep learning new things. Recently, it’s been Latin. After a few go-rounds for clarification and refinement and correction with Paul and a prof at Seattle U, we have figured out the proper Latin for Tajemnica’s original motto and her new one.

Consero deletum was her commissioning motto, and it means “I close to destroy.” Simple, to the point, up front. Doesn’t leave a lot of room for misunderstanding.

Liberos transfero qui terras liberas faciant is the “new business” motto, meaning “I  carry free people to create free worlds.” Also to the point.

I think of them as two sides of the Armadillo coin. If you want to work with them for freedom, they’d be happy to help you out. Get in the way… and find out up close and personally just what deletum really means.

[Later edit and tangential note: I had contacted several UW Classics grad students with my Latin translation question. I wasn’t just asking them “here translate this for me,” it was “Latin is important, I want to do this properly, did I get it right?” I didn’t get so much as a form-letter email “we don’t do that” in reply from ANY of them. Upon the suggestion of my editor, a SU grad (“A lot of old Jesuits, there”), I picked the first one mentioning “Latin” in his profile and “cold-called,” sending him an email, only to receive a polite and helpful reply within hours. We exchanged a dozen or so emails to get the details ironed out. SU profs rocks! UW Classics grad students? Meh.]