Some Docs write about how bad “official treatment” is.

NIC and CDC Protocols ARE Causing More COVID Deaths then Covid Alone!!!
Prepared by Dr. Bryan Ardis

It should be here, somewhere, but if it gets nuked I uploaded a copy linked below.


Take away is nothing new to me, but some will be shocked. Remdesivir doesn’t work, causes lots of problems, including kidney failure. Kidney failure is common in Covid, because they full of ACE2 receptors, so more dialysis machines are needed, and Remdesivir is contra-indicated. Also causing liver damage. HCQ and ivermectin work. Vitamins and minerals help hugely. C, D3, zinc gluconate, selenium, etc. Vaccine is dangerous. Numbers a little dated as people are dying fast, only gives 7K deaths, current OpenVAERS number is about 14.5k. Otherwise good.

1 thought on “Some Docs write about how bad “official treatment” is.

  1. Knowing what we do. Their protocols killing people is a feature, not a bug. The real surprise is that, that knowledge is surprising to some people.
    In this day of having not only the bible, but world history and world news at your very fingertips. And people still don’t see it.
    Well did Abraham tell the rich man in hell. They have scripture and the prophets. And if they won’t believe them. They will not believe one that returned from the dead.
    These people want you to believe men can be woman, and vice versa.
    And now their all so competent to make medical decisions for us? Is it so hard to believe they want us dead?

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