One possible vax avoidance technique

Send a note with the following to HR or the Board of the relevant org.

Just to make sure you know, and you will want to run this by legal:

1) It is a violation of the Nuremburg Code to coerce or pressure anyone into participating in any medical experiment.

2) Governor Inslee has declared that all teachers, staff, faculty, etc., be vaccinated against Covid19 or fired.

3) The FDA has approved a Pfizer Covid19 product, “Comirnaty.”

4) The FDA also extended the Emergency Use Authorization for the continued use of existing stocks of the experimental version of their Covid19 vaccine product.

5) As an mater of actual fact “on the ground,” there are no vials of the FDA approved Comirnaty available in the real world as an obtainable product, with proper informational inserts listing ingredients and side effects, etc., for a person to take. This matter has been deliberately muddled and confused by the FDA, the media, the manufacturer, and politicians. The best write-up of it that I have found is here. It is a bait-and-switch.

6) Firing someone for failing to take an injection of an approved but nonexistent product would be an unlawful termination. Knowingly helping to trick someone into taking a product that isn’t approved may raise some very interesting legal questions. Please note that “just following orders” was shown to be an unacceptable defense during the original  Nuremburg Trials; refusing directions that violate basic human rights is a moral imperative.

7) Timely approval of any exemption requests until such time as a properly authorized product is actual available may avoid awkward legal questions.

Go ahead, try it. Call around to various pharmacies, ask if they have the Pfizer vaxx. When they say yes, ask if it’s the one properly labeled as “comirnaty” with the printed insert. So far, none of them I’m talked to have said “yes” to that, even big ones like Costco. You are all still getting experimental products with zero manufacturer liability.

Food for thought.

Thank you for your attention.

Hope you are having a great day!

4 thoughts on “One possible vax avoidance technique

  1. Has the school asked anyone about their AID’s status lately? What about HEP-C? Among a hundred other things?
    No? Ya, that’s what I thought.

    1. They are getting ordered from on high (and I think it’s illegal, but that’s a long discussion) to have people show proof of vaccination, or have an approved exemption, or get fired. Technically they are not compelling you divulge your status. You just lose your job. That’s why it is so pernicious. If they are allowed to do this, what is off limits? the answer is “nothing.” So I’m arguing to stop it here. We’ll see soon enough.

  2. That’s one of our problems. We keep thinking in terms of legal/illegal. They only think in terms of getting something done. Even when chasing such nebulous crap like equality.
    It sucks being the one to getting squeezed. But there’s no living with these people.
    That’s their rules. Not ours.
    Your a Jew in 1937, Germany. Get out. Cut your loss and get out.
    If not, make peace with your maker, and the horror that comes with communism.
    Standing your ground is never a bad way to go.

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