TSCB is back up!

Finally got “The Stars Came Back” back up on Amazon, so the link at right works again.

Long story short, Castalia House is returning publishing rights to some of their authors for reasons I won’t go into, and things like that never go as smoothly as anyone would like. In any case, that one is now back up, and is buyable again. Now I get to work on getting Heretics back up, then getting them both into physical print.

Then I get to work on getting them all over at Ingram Spark. While hopefully continuing to do at least SOME writing.

1 thought on “TSCB is back up!

  1. It would also be great to have the second half (the part with the Battle of Dustbowl) published in novel form. It isn’t yet, right?
    And for that matter, which version is it? The cover looks like what I know of as the “script” edition.

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