Happy 4th, I guess

Another anniversary of the declaration of independence. We’ve made some progress on the freedom front in the last week or two, with court cases like WV v EPA  and NY v Bruen.

But the world is still upside down, vax mandates are still killing people, woke is corrupting everything it touches, conservatives can’t keep Guido “Vivian” VanCreeper out of the girls locker room or from reading to the kids at Drag Queen story hour where the word of the day is “grooming.” Taxes are up, inflation is up, gas is up, the economy is imploding, shortages are everywhere, deflation is queued up to whipsaw things in a few months, and the Biden admin and his handlers are hell-bent on starting WWIII (nuclear edition) in UKR, while importing the entire 3rd world here to collect welfare bennies.

Other nations are spiraling the drain. Sharing vax memes on social media can get your midwife license pulled in Australia, for example. Totalitarianism is not creeping, it’s at full charge in many places.

As one person commented at Gab, “the 4th day of the 7th month just doesn’t hit any more. Feels more like a mom who invites everyone over to celebrate the birthday of her dead child.

Yeah. Kind’a like that.

There are many specific things to be seriously bummed about. World, hell, handbasket, some assembly required. On the flip side, there are only vague and shadowy rumors of what might be going well in the dim shadows of the clandestine war to take the country back from the usurpers and cons and compromised and traitorous.

In spite of all that, I’m actually rather hopeful that a whole lot of things will sort themselves out. Things didn’t look too rosy on December 8th, 1941, either. There is actually a lot of good in the world, and a lot of good people, people are slowly waking up to some of the evils of the world that have been hidden and festering for a long time. The country and the world has a rocky few years ahead. Maybe a rough few decades. But hard times make strong men. Times have been soft here for generations. We’ll muddle through.

Well. Happy 4th.

1 thought on “Happy 4th, I guess

  1. I’ve often wondered what it was like for my parents to watch WW2 looming. They knew what a World War could be like as WW1 had ended only 21 years previously, and many of the generation that fought that one were still alive. Maybe that – in some form or another – is exactly what we are seeing now.

    I don’t see any easy answers. The best answer – whether to war or famine – is to be ready… which we are not, and we are reluctant to pay the price of readiness. Part of that price is a willingness to grasp the nettle, an understanding that sometimes war is necessary to prevent something worse . 1941 happened because we weren’t willing to fight in the late 1930s. The Third Reich happened because we were too afraid of war to set hard limits on Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. Now we have another Dictator who sees no limits to his ambitions, because he thinks that we will not fight.

    There is no such thing as a zero-risk strategy.

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