How and why education “suddenly” went Marxist

Sometimes you watch events happen in real time and it looks absolutely insane and inexplicable, totally at odds with any sort of reasonable and observable reality. You search in vain for any sort of coherent explanation that doesn’t sound to a normie like a total wingnut conspiracy theory, even if you think you have the broad strokes correct. Such is the case with modern “education” in America, where it’s got totally off the rails and deep into a bizarre inverted funhouse-mirror world of Marxist dysfunction, where the teachers and admins appear normal in some ways, but act like total blind cult devotees in others.

Well, I came across the guy who put all the pieces together, James Lindsay.
He’s at , and his website is

He’s got all the details clearly presented in a video lecture series, as well as a lot of blog posts, podcasts, etc. The main video lecture series are given below. The very short version is that Marxism meets the technical legal SCOTUS definition of a religion, and they figured out how to get it into the schools by invading the schools of education, hijacking them, using the basic structure of education to gradually change what they taught by using critical theory to turn every book and lesson into a “conversation” about oppression and things near and dear to a Marxist heart, making teachers effectively Marxists without them realizing it, and making every lessons about tearing down all things about traditional western Christian culture and institutions. They can leverage any curriculum and turn an academic topic into a political education to turn the young radical activists by constantly asking about feelings and triggering them by thinking about oppression and framing all questions and topics in a politically charged way.

Now that, itself, isn’t exactly new to most of us. But all the details of exactly who, when, how, and why it all happened -IS- new, and laid out in a way that parents can more effectively explain it, understand it, and fight it. All teachers and parents should watch these videos. A teacher who doesn’t like what’s going on will will see how to minimize the damage. Teachers who support it need to realize they have been lied to and used, and are not “building something new and better” but are useful idiots (in the technical poly-sci sense of the term) to simply destroy western civilization so that others may rule over the wasteland and slaves that remain. They are, in effect, preaching a man-centered religion that is about 90% similar to Satanism in all but name.

Like I said, that’s the extremely short version. I need to work on a 3-minute summary that would be suitable for the comment period at school-board public meetings.


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