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Latest Ivermectin use results

From over at Anne Barnhardt’s blog, we come across this article about the results of India and Mexico using Ivermectin to prevent / treat Covid. Wow. (Original article here).

The top of that hump is about where they started handing out Ivermectin like candy at halloween when cases started booming. 24k down to about 1.5k. I’m sure the “experts” will dismiss it as not being properly blocked, planned, double-blinded, etc., and therefore of no value at all, and they’ll continue saying there isn’t a treatment. But that looks an awful lot like the graph of what happened in Mexico …..

UPDATE: Sort of related: A short video clip from Gab of a doc on a conference call reporting that she’s hearing nothing about Covid cases, but LOTS of Covid vaccine-related patients.

What’s science?

From a Social Galactic post I saw this link. An interview with a science-type guy out in the field. He says it quite eloquently (paraphrased): Science is about observing, thinking, discussing, not just what’s in peer reviewed papers. By definition, published peer reviewed papers means they all thought the same and agreed. New knowledge almost always comes from outside academia. “The best candle-maker couldn’t dream of electric lights.”

Yes, indeed. It gets old trying to argue with people who don’t know, can’t think, but can easily point to a “peer reviewed article” that I can easily point out flaws with, but because I’m just some guy with a brain, not an “expert,” I don’t count.

Shock and surprise, they lied

New Lancet study here. Also saved here LancetVaxEfficacyRateStudy.

So, it appears that they reported the wrong sort of numbers. Or, rather, they used a set of numbers that make the not-vax appear much more useful than it really is. They reported the Relative Risk Reduction (RRR), which was ~95%, rather than the Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR), variously around 1% for different versions of the vax. Meaning it was statistically insignificant.

Meanwhile, over at ZeroHedge, they have a story about big story on Ivermectin in the NY Times. (PDF of original story here.)The author is confused why it has not been pursued more aggressively when there is no money in it compared to shiny new untested but patented and expensive drugs… Hmmm… whatever could it be?

War on privilege

by Silviu “Silview” Costinescu

Interesting article, spells out many of the parallels between the rhetoric and actions of the early communists and today’s radical left in all its forms. The voice of experience sees things. “And right after that I’ve witnessed the Overton Window sliding in US from total vilification of communism to active flirting. I saw who pushed it, openly, the same people who made up over three quarters of the early Communist or Bolshevik parties’ highest echelons.” Then he cites names. “The privileged who led the propaganda there are the same ones leading the mainstream media and the communist propaganda in US now.
The most privileged people in the world, always at the controls of both sides, sponsoring the war against privilege.

Once they had taken power, the Bolsheviks didn’t immediately launch Stalin-style mass purges. Instead, the Bolsheviks started off in a way modern Americans would find disturbingly familiar: By legitimizing criminal anarchy and co-opting the justice system.

Yeah. studying history can be sort of dark at time. You study the past so you don’t repeat its mistakes, but you also get to watch others making them. I feel like a low budget Casandra sometimes.

Public Ed Takeover

It is obvious to all who follow public education that something is seriously wrong> Things got off the rails a while ago, and has been wrong for a long while, but in recent years the divergence with reality and the wishes of parents and into rabid left-wing narrative forcing has been monumental. Was it organic? Pushed by a few influential people? Are we imagining things? What’s up?

Over at the eponymous “some Bitch I know” website, she’s put together what she believes is an orchestrated take-over of our education system, titled “The Globalist Takeover of the American Educational System: Part One“, as a means to subvert the nation by simply teaching the kids to hate their own heritage and believe the propaganda of our enemies. Speaking as someone who has been inside it one way or another for a fair while, I can’t see that she’s wrong in the big picture, though we might quibble on details. Certainly our schools are not good for the people of this nation, boys, peoples-of-no-color, traditional sorts of any type, people who value the truth, or anyone not hard left. The people calling the shots clearly hate this country, and the people of it.

Most of the players are well know – Gates, Soros, etc, but some are likely people and orgs you’ve never heard of. If you care about education give it a read.

L v. R

Not surprisingly, people on the political left and right, however you care to define them, see the world rather differently. This stems in part from a different set of values, in part from believing a different set of facts, and in part a totally different view of how to view the world. There are more things, of course, but these three are enough. What’s funny, though, is that we even have a different understanding of how the other side views our views. Or, to quote this article: Continue reading L v. R

Old History

Might sound redundant, but it is not. A “History Book” is one that attempts to expound the events and possibly explain the connections and “whys” between them, so that the reader has a better understand of what has happened in the past and how we got here. Sometimes our understanding of past events changes when new information comes to light. This is generally a good thing, though sometimes more (but still incomplete) information confuses things from the initial simple or largely speculative view.

However, there are also people trying to rewrite history and make the ‘wrong” things go away, and constantly invent or “reinterpret” things in order to push a particular narrative. This is NOT good. It is something the SJW and Marxists do a lot.

so it is expected that what history books say will, to some degree, change over time. But the whole-sale revisions going on now are all the wrong type. So I think it might be good for people to make it a goal to accumulate or copy or locate or translate or make availible older history texts to that it is not lost. For example I came across one the other day – US History – in a used book store printed in 1904. That means there were still a considerable number of Civil War survivors around to point out flaws. Any bets I discover something in it that is not popular in today’s books?

Woke is now the law in WA

The governor, Jay “almost as sharp as a marble” Inslee has signed a bill that would mandate Critical Race Theory training for all public school teachers and administrators. So, that means a couple of things.

  1. It violates the state constitution and laws
  2. It violates most school district’s “human dignity” policies
  3. It will cause a major jump in home schooling
  4. It will result in any number of lawsuits at local and state levels
  5. It will cause a lot of public school teachers to leave, either retired or quit
    1. I have no idea what sort of unqualified people will get hired to replace them
    2. This MIGHT be enough to wake up a lot of normie parents
  6. It would be a great time to start my own school
  7. This will create a lot of fear and anger both among teachers and staff on one side, and parents and students on the other. It is the definition of a hostile environment.

Real alternate history

This interview with James Lafond is fascinating.

He has written a LOT of books, and his summary of the historical non-fiction series “Plantation America” and what order they might be best read in looks useful. He expects to wrap them up with a summary and consolidation with a comprehensive narrative of the practice of white servitude / slavery / bondage in the colonies and early USA.

I’ve completed “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: The Foundation of Our Misbegotten Nation“, and found it fascinating. Technically there are some errors (e.g., a two-page repeated passage about twenty pages apart and typos), and the style is kind of rambling, but it’s a fast and easy read with a lot of good sources cited. He does seem to have a passion for using primary sources, and a distain for secondary sources, which is nice. Well worth reading. Part of it ties in well with another book I read recently, “The Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made the World” by Virginia Postrel. In both they use and learn from runaway slave reward posters and advertisements. LaFond learns about the races and how language was used, Postrel learns about fashion and clothing because it was often described as being part of the stolen property the runaways took.

Comparisons matter

For people under 70 with no major co-morbidities, the chance of Covid19 being fatal is less than half a percent. For the under-20 crowd it’s only about 5 in 10,000 without treatment who will die. On the other hand, there have now been more deaths from the this “vaccine” in four months than all other vaccines in the last 15 years combine.

And that is if the numbers are not being scrubbed and significantly under-reported. “As a matter of comparison: There are 20 to 30 deaths reported every year to VAERS related to the flu shot. That’s with 195 million receiving flu shots. Compare that to the COVID shot, which resulted in 2,602 reported deaths through 77 million vaccinations.
That’s a stunningly high ratio of deaths to vaccinations, the highest for any vaccine in U.S. history, and yet no major media outlet has launched an investigation.”

They are downplaying injuries and injury reporting at every turn. Talking about them is labeled as “dangerous” or “misinformation.” Lots of propaganda pushing the the shots, no news about the comparatively huge number of dead. Why? A full-court propaganda press worthy of the USSR, Orwell, or any other dystopian author is underway…. why?

Meanwhile, a purge of dissenters is happening. From NOQ Report on Dr. Joseph Mercola purging all Covid-related articles. Again, why? And in the UK, they are now admitting that “the jab” might be causing miscarriages.