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Magazine limit law

Just for the record, in light of the stupid law signed by Governor MeatPuppet that bans sale, importation, yadda yadda of normal capacity magazine (that they stupidly call “large capacity magazines,” when things like the 30-rnd AR-15 mag has been standard for about sixty years, since before I was born) that comes into effect starting July 1st of this year, I have given a number of my magazines, both for guns I currently own and some I purchases speculatively because of mag limit ban nonsense over the year for guns I thought I might one day buy, so that when they inherit my guns no magazines need be transferred, as they already belong to them.

Now I’m 99% sure this mag ban won’t stand for long, as it clearly violates both the WA state and US constitutional protections, and violates a 5th Circuit decision striking down a nearly identical magazine ban (which is now in conflict with the 9th Circuit decision, meaning the SCOTUS will likely hear them next season), but just in case…. the mags in the house and storage and elsewhere are not all mine at this time, even if I bought them.

Just so you know.

Happy(?) Memorial Day

Today is the day we remember those who served their country in uniform, and paid the ultimate price. Some died in war doing noble things, some died in peacetime doing something stupid, some were honorable, some were right bastards, but all signed up, raised their hand, and swore to do what they were ordered to do to protect the nation.

I served. My dad and some uncles served. My grandpa served. A great aunt served. My brother-in-law just recently retired from an Air Force career. I’m pretty sure there are a number of more-distant relatives who served at different times, either for a single enlistment or a career, drafted or volunteer. I don’t know of any who died in uniform.  But I’m glad they were willing to do so if needed.

The country has changed fairly radically since I served in the Army Reserve, joining when the Soviet Union was still a thing. I cannot recommend it to anyone who is a patriot, now. “Woke” and military service are a really bad combination. Too much of the military has been corrupted, subverted, and the leadership has too many RMEFs, foreigners, compromised perfumed princes, careerists, and socialists. To much leadership is hostile to the Constitution, too many are incompetent diversity hires. These days, the military is just a tool of corrupt and evil leaders in this once-great nation.

To those who served honorably and paid the price, may God take you in and protect your soul for eternity, and protect your family here in this life.

K-12 Sex Ed

Per RCW 28A.300.475 Starting next year, schools in WA state will be required to deliver “Comprehensive Sex Education” K-12. Specifically:
(2)(b) Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, comprehensive sexual health education must be provided to all public school students.
(c) The provision of comprehensive sexual health education to public school students as required by (a) and (b) of this subsection (2) must be provided no less than:
(i) Once to students in kindergarten through grade three;
(ii) Once to students in grades four through five;
(iii) Twice to students in grades six through eight; and
(iv) Twice to students in grades nine through twelve. Continue reading K-12 Sex Ed

The Constitution’s Seven Money Clauses

In an essay by DEAN CLANCY, we take a closer look at what money is, what the US Constitution says about money, and why it is important to today’s political events. About a ten minute read. a number of things I’ve not seen discussed elsewhere before.

There are a couple of angels on things there that are first for me, such as : “5. Fiat money notes (‘bills of credit’) are forbidden.” Equating fiat money with bills of credit is interesting.

Overall, well worth a read if you are into money or politics.

FWIW, at the current price of silver, $20 in constitutional dollars of silver is worth about $380 in Federal Reserve Notes.


The connection between CRT and the trans/gay agenda

Some things, such as optical illusions, can hard to see at first, but once seen are clear. I came across a very clearly written post that connects some of the political / activist left’s action plan in a way that makes a whole lot of sense. The scariest part of it is that most of the average people pushing each of these things are basically good, well-meaning people, they will not see it, and think they are unrelated, and have no idea how much damaged they are doing. I’m including the full text as well as the links to the original posts, as it is more than likely one or both at some point will get nuked at some point.

The original Gab that lead me to it. The source thread. Continue reading The connection between CRT and the trans/gay agenda

200 YT

HA! Found a copy of the full text of “200 Years Together” in English, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. All of its nearly 8.5″ x 11″ 800 pages.

It is also at the Internet Archive, here. They also have the redacted version there, which is missing some 300 or so pages.

The Russian-language version is available in book form, but there has been a lot of pressure in certain circles to omit several parts in any English version because they reflect badly on certain ethnic groups. Inaccuracy is never shown by said ethnic groups, only that it highlights their actions and apparent motives in ways that most members of Western Civilization would find their actions and motives damning. Some people are offended by a factually accurate portrayal of reality, and try to bury it rather than atone or change or deal. I prefer my history honest and uncut, messy, and full of the flawed men and women who were actually there, so we may learn it’s lessons properly.


Turkey is NATO for some odd reason. They get most of their wheat from Russia.


  • The current tiff between Russia and Ukraine
  • March is normally planting time for UKR wheat
  • Harvests in China have totally sucked the last few years
  • The wheat harvest in the PNW sucked hard last year
  • China would gladly buy all Russian wheat
  • World wheat stockpiles are down
  • US grain bins are not exactly overflowing
  • Russia is one of the largest exporters of fertilizer in the world, and that is likely to be disrupted so many foreign harvests will be down even if weather is perfect
  • The value of AUS and Argentine (major southern hemisphere exporters now harvesting) wheat is up, but actual tonnage increase is nowhere near enough to make up the different in production/demand imbalance

I would expect food prices, even of staples, to soar. Meanwhile the Green agenda has us burning many tons of corn in our gas tanks.

Got garden?